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Palette 2 powder correctors

The make up artists’ favorite palette to realize the contouring technique.

Corrects and remodels volumes, draws the face contours. 

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45,90 €

160,65 € per 100 g

An ultra smooth micronized, thin and long-lasting texture.
Can be used to darken or lighten different face volumes (cheeks, cheekbones, forehead).


Apply the dark shade to work on the faces volumes and the light shade to illuminate or increase volumes. 

1/ Start with the light shade to enhance the face shape and create relief 

2/ Illuminate the forehead 

3/ Shade off the light shade on the nose

4/ Highlight the temples 

5/ And the chin 

6/ Use the dark shade to create deep effect & refine the face shape 

7/ Darken under the cheekbone to sculpt 

8/ Rede ne the oval of the face 

Capacity 2 x 10g 

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