Bella Volen

“Bella Volen is one of the best professional artists of Body Painting. She has been working worldwide as an artist and art teacher. She teaches the origins of Body Painting, a ritual practiced in ancient cultures. Graduated from a Master’s Degree in Art, she has won 18 awards in international artistic competitions. Bella has been a judge for many competitions, head of exhibitions and she is currently working with the media around the world.”



3 day Masterclass

“This workshop, organized by the SLA Academy, aimed to enrich the artistic skills of our participants. This allowed them to perform different types of Body Art. During 3 days, they immersed themselves in a totally creative atmosphere, explored the limits of their imagination and practiced new techniques. With the precious and personalized advice of Bella Volen, they have enriched their knowledge of Face and Body Art and have been able to realize real masterpieces :”


The work of students