Monte Carlo Television Festival

On the occasion of its first participation at the Monte-Carlo Television Festival, the founder of the brand offered an Out-of-the-ordinary show that he created and orchestrated himself.
A precursor and expert in the world of Body Painting, he even contributed to the development of the discipline in France. 

Serge Louis Alvarez has highlighted this art, to which he is devoted, during a performance at Monte Carlo Bay for the TV Series gala of June 17th, 2017.

A story of encounters and associations between colors, punctuated by 5 strong rhythms and followed by a game of lights and music both contemporary and classical. From the birth of the three colors to their encounters, three dancers (a ballerina, a contortionist and a contemporary dancer) illustrated the allegory of life and the creation of new colors. An amazing finale where the fusion of these three creations finally revealed a face.

Finally, the show ended with a projection of black lights that let show new patterns on the three models, motifs that couldn’t be seen by the public earlier. Impressive!

With a reverence, the three creatures came to parade in the middle of the crowd.
The guests were able to get a closer look at the details of each creation pose with the three young women. Unusual!


In order to share this moment with the fans of the Monte-Carlo Television Festival and the brand, SLA Paris offered a live broadcast of this show on its Facebook page (SLA Paris Cosmetics Official). 

Lucia Postacchini, Serge Louis Alvarez & Alex Hansen

A meticulous preparation that took nearly six hours of work to Alex Hansen and Lucia Postacchini to create these Body Paintings.

The make up artists have pushed their creativity even in the realization of accessories (headdresses) which bring the final touch to each painting.

The SLA Make up Academy Paris offers a Master class with Alex Hansen (4th to 6th September) to learn all the techniques he used during the show of the Monte-Carlo Television Festival.