“Because Make Up is a profession, an art, a passion, that I want to share above all”



A professional trendy & unique brand


The expertise Serge Louis Alvarez is rooted in his professional make-up artist career and visionary talent. This allows him to explore without limits new horizons of beauty combining technology, design and high performance.
His high-demanding character and his unique vision of beauty are the heart of all developments. He gets inspired by women and wishes above all to let them reveal their own personality and celebrate their differences.
Originally conceived for professional make-up artists, the SLA Paris brand has evolved and is now available to all consumers around the world thanks to the sharing of its professional secrets.
With Serge Louis Alvarez, become the expert of your own beauty!

equipeTHE TEAM

Serge Louis Alvarez spreads his creative energy and unique vision of beauty to his ultra performing team of designers, creators, make up artists and trainers. His goal: to create trendy products at the fore front of innovation while respecting his high demands regarding the products quality.

His team of young talents that evolve daily in the world of beauty sharing their professional expertise are totally responsible of the global success of the brand.
A close collaboration with his Research & Development « Made in France » team is the key. He shares with them his high demanding character, testing every product for an endless creation.

When art meets science, a perfect cocktail that combines quality and excellence is automatically created. Serge Louis Alvarez, the name behind efficacy, innovation and sensorial experience.


Adopt the SLA Green touch!
The respect  for women and the environment have been always our most important concern:
– Our ingredients are selected for their naturalness and their benefits for the skin
– Our commitment to fight against animal testing
– Our rechargeable products and sustainable eco-friendly packaging
– Our “Eco friendly” SLA attitude, respected by all the actors of the brand, aimed at reducing at each level our impact on the environment
Our love for nature & women is the driving force behind all of our actions!


The sharing of know-how and make-up techniques is the key word of the vision Serge Louis Alvarez. The creation of the SLA MAKE UP ACADEMY proves our desire to share and train the make up artists of tomorrow.
As we aim to push the boundaries of this sharing, we strive to let you discover and learn our professional gestures in our shops, through our tutorials or even through our products. We want every woman to be able to reproduce the right gestures at home in order to obtain the perfect make up on a daily basis.
Our credo: no woman should leave the SLA Paris universe without knowing how to master her make up products!