* Christina EVANGELISTA & Esther JOY

On the occasion of the Monte Carlo Television Festival, SLA Paris revealed its new Liquid Matte Lipstick. The latest launch of the brand: the LIP CRUSH.
After conquering the beauty staff, they managed to seduce the stars of the festival thanks to their long lasting, transfer-free and waterproof formulas.

The boy names of our “crushes” were even attractive to some men in the festival, including Justin Hartley and George Blagden who discovered their homonyms with a smile. “Justin LIPCRUSH” a trendy violet on social media and “George LIP CRUSH“, a timeless nude. George did not hesitate to pose for an unusual photo with his LIPCRUSH alter ego.

All VIPs were able to take home with them 4 of these “Coups de coeur”. The LIP CRUSH kit was given to them as a gift in their hotel rooms. Some of them did not hesitate to ask their Serge Louis Alvarez make up artist to leave the one used on them for their red carpet make up.



Stéphanie PAREJA