Beauty creator

« Creator of cosmetics and perfectionist:

For Serge Louis Alvarez, innovation never stops. He has created a professional range of products, where high quality, fore front innovation and natural elements prevail.

His goal: Make women more beautiful.

It’s as simple as that »

… 20 years of experience

Behind the scenes of fashion, of prestigious shows, cinema, theater and opera. Behind the scenes of the fascinating and magic world of arts and performance where high demand and perfection prevail.

… 20 years of creation

Devoted to the service of the ephemeral and wonderful art that is make-up. Where transparency, subtleness and nuances align so closely with care, where the balance has to be perfect. This passion devoted to your beauty, these past 20 years of demanding excellence from my faithful team (whom I cannot thank enough) in order to achieve my wildest whims, I dedicate them to you.  I also commit to pursue the fulfillment of this search for essence, where fashion is associated with nature and trend binds with care, because being glamorous and beautiful while respecting our health and environment is now possible.

“I deployed and magnify a strategy in which I dedicate all my creative energy to designing a beauty ideal that meets your expectations. A global beauty make up care line that combines innovation and high technology formulation while incorporating natural and organic ingredients. A maximum of effort to boost the possibility of having an optimum quality product with an innovative utilization.”

Although the concept is based on an idea of tradition, authenticity and naturalness, it evolves and results in a trending at vanguard line with a visionary sense of fashion. It is also the revelation of every woman’s secret desire, a revelation that surprises them as it is something they would never dare to confess.

“I wanted to create a beauty universe where every woman would be able to identify herself, in a simple, beautiful, generous and coherent atmosphere.”