These different pictures were achieved during the photo shooting entitled “NeverLand” by Gianni Bach and his team. Gianni Bach, a make-up artist and hairstylist, made up the entire group of “Lost Children” with SLA PARIS Serge Louis Alvarez products.

Discover this shooting and the presentation of this new collection

Make imaginary your reality, have thousand dreams and believe that they can all come true. Play with scribbles as if they were real, jump and run as if you had super powers … At some point in our lives we knew how to be children, so we can remember with tenderness this enchanting period of our lives. Unfortunately not all children are lucky enough to have the same destiny. NeverLand has always been something utopian and unattainable. Instead of being children forever, that chapter of their lives has been brutally closed.  

With this collection, we intend to honor all these Lost Children who through history and until this day are wounded, mistreated, confined, abducted, raped or killed and even recruited to fight in combats. The ones that are deprived of food, water, shelter; orphans or separated from their families. Those who have had in their lives nowhere to go, nothing to believe in or no one to count on … no Peter Pan to save them, rescue them and take them to NeverLand, where they could refuse to grow up and live magical adventures…

We all have this duty … We must rescue these children and give them a “NeverLand


Photo: Pedro de Vilhena assited by Isabel Rebordão
Hair: Gianni Bach by Davines
Make up: Gianni Bach by SLA Paris
Styling and Accessories: Gianni Bach
Earrings: Talitha Luneau
Clothes: AM One
Models: Duarte Garcia, João Caeiro, Maria Salvador, Teresa Guerra
Directing and editing:Paulo Lammy
Production: Cláudio Xavier
Acknowledgements: Academy of Dance and Performing Arts (ADAP)